Happy Body Pilates is suitable for any ‘body’. Pilates can help to:cropped-socialmediaicon.jpg

  • Improve Posture;
  • Develop core strength;
  • Increase body awareness;
  • Connect with muscles you never knew existed!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Improve muscle imbalances;
  • Move more effectively and reduce pains such as hip & lower back!

You will learn healthy new habits relating to alignment and posture and learn how to maintain them! You will also develop your core strength & body awareness! It is an ideal class to help realign your body for a variety of lifestyles. For example, if you sit at a desk all day and feel your posture suffering or you find lower back pain occurs with daily activities such as walking or gardening!

Mats & equipment are provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.

How to book a class at Happy Body Studio:

8 week Block:

You choose whichever day and time suits you for your weekly class, however do not worry, if you can’t make a class one week, you can make it up by attending a different class on the timetable, as long as there is space. (Please note: all classes must be made up within the 8 week block, classes cannot be carried over into another block).

Next 8 week block begins W/C Monday 27th May 2019 

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Cost: £72

5 Class Pass: 

This offers you complete flexibility if you cannot commit to a weekly class or a full 8 week block but would like to attend a regular class at your leisure. Valid for 60 days. 

Cost: £50

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Single Class:

Perfect to try before you buy!

Cost: £12

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Pilates Timetable:

Day Time Class
Monday 9:30am Pilates
Monday 7:30pm Pilates
Monday 8:35pm Pilates NEW CLASS
Tuesday 9:30am Small Group Fitness
Tuesday 6:15pm Pilates
Tuesday 19:30pm Small Group Fitness
Wednesday 9:30am Pilates
Wednesday 5:45pm Pilates NEW CLASS
Thursday 9:30am Small Group Fitness
Thursday 7:15pm Small Group Fitness
Thursday 8:30pm Pilates
Friday 9:30am Pilates

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Please read in full the studio Terms & Conditions below before attending a class at Happy Body Studio. By attending a class, it is assumed that the Terms & Conditions are read and agreed. 

Happy Body Studio Terms & Conditions