Happy Body Pilates is suitable for any ‘body’, ability and size. Pilates can help to:cropped-socialmediaicon.jpg

  • Improve Posture;
  • Develop core strength;
  • Increase body awareness;
  • Connect with muscles you never knew existed!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Improve muscle imbalances;
  • Move more effectively and reduce pains such as hip & lower back!

At Happy Body Studio we aim to help you move and feel better. Pilates is a great exercise form particularly if you sit at a desk all day and feel your posture is suffering or you find lower back pain occurs with daily activities such as walking or gardening! We focus on strengthening the core and back muscles which can improve postural alignment, balance, ease general lower back or shoulder pain and overall increase your body awareness!

Under COVID-19 measures Studio mats and equipment are not available for use. Please bring your own mats and equipment such as: small Pilates ball, resistance bands and Pilates blocks. A Pilates pack is available to purchase from the Studio for £25 including: Two resistance bands, 2 Pilates block, 1 small Pilates small ball all in a handy tote bag.  

Please note, if you have sought advice or treatment from a GP or physio for a specific problem or if you have an ongoing back or joint issues, please consult with the Studio prior to booking so we can determine an appropriate route or class for you. 

4 Week Pilates Beginner Course:

If you are brand new to Pilates or would like to revisit the the fundamentals of Pilates a beginner course is an ideal way to start.

The course will introduce the key fundamentals such as breathing, alignment & posture and allow you to move & progress at your own pace.

A small numbered class (max 4 under COVID measures) ensures personalised guidance & attention from your instructor and an overall safe & supportive environment.

Next course starts: 

Monday 18:00 ( Starts 23rd August) or

Wednesday 11am (Starts 18th August 2021)

Cost: £44

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If the beginner course doesn’t suit you the Pilates Class Pass system is for you! See below for more information!

Pilates Class Pass system: 

Option 1: Purchase a 5 or 8 Class Pass: 

Via our booking system (click the book online button below), purchase either a 5 or 8 class pass and book into a class when suits you! Book one class or book all your sessions in one go as the system will allow you to book classes weeks in advance.

Cost: 5 Class Pass: £50


8 Class Pass: £72

Use the booking system to book, pay and manage your existing bookings if you need to transfer or cancel your class! Check out our easy guide below!

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Option 2: Single Class:

Perfect to try before you buy!

Cost: £12

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