Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise

Antenatal Pilates:

Pregnancy is a wonderfully exciting time and continuing or starting Pilates can be your perfect exercise form to assist you through your pregnancy and after. Pilates trains your body to be strong, flexible and balanced whilst enhancing your mind & body connection. Pilates can really help strengthen your deeper abdominal muscles and the muscles of the spine to support better posture during pregnancy, hopefully easing some of the strains that pregnancy places on the spine and your joints. Furthermore, due to Pilates requiring your full mental attention on your body, your breath & movement, it is great for easing anxiety & enhancing relaxation which is also great for you and your baby. Pilates will:

  • Strengthen abdominal muscles;
  • Reduce back and pelvic pain;
  • Develop pelvic floor awareness;
  • Improve balance;
  • Enhance your body awareness;
  • Relaxation.

A specific antenatal Pilates class also ensures that the class is suitable for the pregnant client and you can also meet fellow mums to be.

It is recommended that you get clearance from your GP before you begin any new exercise programme and check in regularly with your GP or midwife about the suitability of exercise for your pregnancy. A PARQ form will be provided and will require completion before you partake in a class at the studio and please keep the studio updated with any health issues.

When is the next Pregnancy Pilates Block?

Pregnancy Pilates is on every Wednesday 1930 starting 23rd September 2020.

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Mum & Baby Pilates

Postnatal Pilates is the perfect post pregnancy exercise as it helps regain strength, posture, & pelvic floor awareness. You can bring your baby along if you like so no need to worry about childcare. A very relaxed atmosphere so you can tend to your baby as needed.  Please bring a car seat or blanket for your baby and the studio will provide some blankets and all exercise equipment etc. Babies can attend from 6 weeks until they are crawling.

You can attend 6-10 weeks post delivery and if you have been cleared to return to exercise by your GP.

Postnatal Pilates Classes are starting March 2020. Please get in touch to register your interest.