Welcome to Happy Body Studio


Happy Body Studio is a Pilates and Personal Training Studio offering Pilates Classes for all abilities, Small Group Training for women and Personal Training.

Guided by an experienced and qualified instructor, Daire (Dara) provides supportive and beneficial classes to people of all ages and abilities.

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The studio is a private space with fantastic quality equipment and facilities.

It is the perfect setting for you to relax and focus on achieving your personal goals.

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Start & Sustain your active lifestyle with Happy Body Studio – for all ages, sizes and abilities. 

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates 

Full Studio Timetable:

Day Time Class
Monday 9:30am Pilates
Monday 7:30pm Pilates
Monday 8:35pm Pilates
Tuesday 9:30am Small Group Fitness
Tuesday 6:15pm Pilates
Tuesday 7:30pm Small Group Fitness
Tuesday 8:35pm Men’s Only Pilates
Wednesday 9:30am Pilates
Thursday 9:30am Small Group Fitness
Thursday 7:15pm Small Group Fitness
Thursday 8:30pm Pilates

Timetable is subject to change. We always take feedback on our timetable, therefore if you would like to suggest a class time not shown above, please get in touch. If you had 3 or more people interested in a particular time we can try to accommodate requests. 

I’m a beginner and Daire’s explanations and guidance made it easy to follow her instructions. As something I hadn’t tried before Daire didn’t just explain movements, she also explained why and how this would help us more broadly. Would 100% recommend.

Great for beginners.

Daire helped me get back into the gym after hurting my back earlier this year. She designed the program perfectly to prevent any further injury and pain but increasing strength and fitness I’d lost. I’ve now been doing the workouts for over a month. I’m starting to see real results and feel so much better in myself. Honestly cannot recommend Daire more she’s been so helpful in getting me back to the gym!

Increasing strength and fitness.